Frequently Asked Questions

What do you consider Aerial Dance to be?

My bare bones definition of aerial dance is currently a movement and performance art form that utilizes suspended apparatus for performance in the air. This now-popular form is as varied as modern and post modern dance.

How do I make a trapeze? How do I rig?

I've always made my own trapezes, but the truth is, because of insurance issues, I no longer give these instructions to other people. You can buy circus trapezes, or have trapezes custom-made, at places like Trapeze Arts in Oakland, California.

To some extent I've done my own rigging, but for more complex needs I hire a professional. If you don't have aerial companies in your area, you might ask local theater companies for professional rigging referrals.

How can I train to be an aerial dancer?

For the serious student, I recommend study in any or all of these areas: ballet or modern dance, gymnastics, yoga, circus trapeze (flying and/or static), and a personal trainer in Pilates, Alexander, or Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement.

Can I study with you?

I'm retired from ongoing teaching. However, I do offer workshops in the Bay Area! Check my Current Events page. I can also be commissioned to give workshops and performances outside of the Bay Area.

Should I pursue a career in aerial dance?

If your heart is in it, you'll do it. Find as many auditions as you can, or make your own work. I suggest you always have a second job to support yourself, because it's not a very lucrative career to choose, but there are people who make their careers teaching aerial dance.

Do you have DVDs of your work?

I have personal archives, some of which are available for purchase on a limited basis. You can e-mail me for more information.