"It started with a rush of childlike joy, the kind you can conjure up in your own body...strikingly beautiful... The movement and the moment, an intoxicating potion that actually gathered as the evening wore on."

--David Gere, East Bay Express

"The most engaging thing about Sendgraff's performances has always been Sendgraff herself."

--Janice Ross, Oakland Tribune

"Sendgraff dances with extraordinary suppleness."

--Allen Ulrich, San Francisco Examiner

"Sendgraff's performance is extraordinary and worth seeing."

--Tracy Danison, Montclarion and The Voice

"Terry moves poetically and with fine, unblurred emphasis both on the ground and when aloft."

--Dick Moore, Marin Scope

"Sendgraff, centered in her strength, embodies the image of female power incarnate."

--Randy Turoff, Bay Times

"Sendgraff is one of the elders of our community and is worth looking to as a shaman or bard."

--Lucy Nees, San Francisco Weekly

"Sendgraff dances before an audience as if she were performing before friends in her living room, A Sendgraff performance is always a process of mutual discovery for the audience and the performer."

--Janice Ross, Oakland Tribune

"Motivity technique is an intriguing and fascinating alternative to traditional styles of dance and movement, exploring motion in a very personal manner that often touches upon its basic elements. Few sights can be as sublimely beautiful as aerial movement. Suspended in mid-air, motion becomes magical, released from the laws of gravity, freer and purer than any movement grounded to earth."

--Bennett Cohen, The Daily Californian

"Motivity...expressed all the mystery, magic and humor I had always expected but never got in circus trapeze acts."

--Gina Shepard, East Bay Express


Terry is a wonderful instructor: encouraging, positive, creative and inspirational. I learned a great deal of new material by exploring and pushing my own limits with Terry's guidance. As long as she continues to teach her workshops I will continue to attend them."


"Terry is a treasure. She brings kindness, patience, openness, humor, and flexibility to the teaching process. She is very intuitive and is able to skillfully tailor her teaching to the group in the present."