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Building handcrafted books. Order through PAYPAL link coming soon...

hand crafted books


Past Events

Sky Dancers Festival: Women Who Fly

November 1-3 and 8-10 at 8:00 pm
3316 24th Street, San Francisco

Terry's Aerial Dancers perform at Dance Mission Theater

For information, call Dance Mission Theater 415.826.4441

The Aerial Dance Improvisational Performance Lab

Sunday, June 24 1-6 pm
STUDIO 12, 2547 Eighth Street, Berkeley CA
$100, $120 after June 1.

Take the art of improvisation into the air. Allow the unknown and the unplanned to be allies! The session will begin with a thoughtfully directed warm-up, and a review of skills. The focus then shifts to open solo, duet and group improvisational performing. The aerial equipment will consist of point trapezes of different heights and sizes, horizontal and vertical hoops, rope and harness fabric, slings and the web. If you have your own harness, bring it, otherwise we'll provide them.

This workshop is part of the Dancers' Group San Francisco Dance Intensives.

For a registration form and/or additional information, call
Dancers' Group (415) 920-9181, or go to

Improvisational Performance Lab for Women

Friday mornings, 9:45-12:45
Berkeley, CA

There will be space for two new students in the fall. E-mail Terry for more information.

In Progress

Terry is currently writing a book and choreographing two new pieces.